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The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies bestowed two 2016 American Architectural Awards upon Kelly Sutherlin McLeod Architecture, Inc. (KSMA), for preservation.

Kelly Sutherlin McLeod, FAIA's award-winning restoration of the Hafley House in Long Beach, CA

Kelly Sutherlin McLeod, FAIA’s award-winning restoration of the Hafley House in Long Beach, CA

The first award went to the Olan G. and Aida T. Hafley House, a residence in Long Beach, Calif. In 1953 Richard J. Neutra designed the Hafley House and the adjacent one-story dwelling, the Moore Residence, as an integrated architectural composition that was characteristically “Neutra,” yet in harmony with the neighborhood’s more traditional architectural character. The conditions found at the house demanded careful preservation planning. KSMA’s balanced approach was guided by maintaining authenticity and developing innovative, sustainable treatments; honoring Neutra’s original design intent for the house and restoring, rather than replacing, original modern building elements, materials and finishes. This project has been published by DoCoMoMo US, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and has been widely recognized by the architecture community.

Kelly Sutherlin McLeod, FAIA's award-winning restoration of the Killingsworth Office Building in Long Beach, CA

Kelly Sutherlin McLeod, FAIA’s award-winning restoration of the Killingsworth Office Building in Long Beach, CA

The second Chicago Athenaeum award went to another Long Beach, Calif., structure, the Killingsworth Office Building. As a longtime colleague, friend and protégé of Edward A. Killingsworth, FAIA, Kelly Sutherlin McLeod, FAIA, is honored to be the current steward of this iconic office building, which is now the headquarters of her architectural practice. A daily reminder of the importance of preserving modern architecture, the Killingsworth building is a prime example of the International Style in California. Restoration of this designated landmark is in progress, maintaining the authenticity of Killingsworth’s mid-century modern masterwork. The comprehensive preservation includes the meticulous restoration of the original building and landscape design that Killingsworth skillfully integrated with transparent walls of glass, framed by delicate post and beam construction – design elements that Killingsworth started exploring during his early, informative years. The interior furnishings, fixtures, and the extensive collection of Julius Shulman’s black and white photos taken throughout Killingsworth’s career, are also being preserved. The original structure was completed in 1955, recognized by the National AIA with the Award of Merit in 1956, and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.

Now in its 22nd year, The Chicago Athenaeum’s American Architecture Awards for Design Excellence honor the best and finest contributions to innovative contemporary American architecture.

According to Christian Narkiewicz-Laine, Museum President, The Chicago Athenaeum, “The selected buildings and urban planning projects uniquely and sensitively reconcile the principles underlying architectural design with the rapid technological advancements and the modernization of our society today. This year, there was a considerable emphasis on restoration, renovation, and adaptive re-use as the Green Revolution continues to impact our cities and our buildings in which we live, work, pray, and become culturally refined.”

The philosophy that heritage conservation must be integral to mainstream architecture has been KSMA’s main operating principle since Kelly Sutherlin McLeod, FAIA, opened her practice nearly 30 years ago. “Many iconic structures that are now designated as historic, were deemed modern and cutting-edge when they were originally designed and built,” says Sutherlin McLeod. “Employing present-day techniques and technologies to restore these buildings with integrity stemming from authenticity, relevance and context for current and future generations, to their true and original splendor is one of the most challenging and exciting aspects of my architectural practice. With these awards for our projects, it is so gratifying to see the most advanced approaches to heritage conservation and historic preservation recognized as essential disciplines by the architecture community.”

KSMA’s conservation focus is not only of buildings, but the preservation of place, tradition and culture. “All projects that impact our environment, whether new construction or rehabilitation, present conservation issues that need to be addressed,” adds Sutherlin McLeod. “The concern for heritage conservation is a common thread that connects all of KSMA’s work.”

This year, the Museum received a record number of projects for new buildings, landscape architecture, and urban planning from the most important firms practicing in the U.S. and globally. From a short list of 380 projects, the 2016 Jury for Awards was held in Denver and 74 projects were selected by a distinguished group of Colorado architects and educators.

On October 3rd, The Chicago Athenaeum hosted an Awards Gala Dinner Ceremony in Chicago honoring the winning architects, clients, and developers. In December 2016, The Chicago Athenaeum, together with The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, will present a special exhibition of all awarded buildings in, New American Architecture at Contemporary Space in Athens, Greece. After Athens, the exhibition travels to Istanbul, Turkey under the auspices of the Turkish Chamber of Architects in January 2017.

About KSMA ( Kelly Sutherlin McLeod Architecture, Inc. was founded in 1988 and is an award-winning firm with a commitment to architectural integrity. Combining an intrinsic architectural design aesthetic for the preservation of historically significant buildings with design innovation for institutional, civic, urban planning, custom residential and interior projects for a public and private clientele, KSMA has earned a reputation for excellence in the design of new construction and preservation projects. A graduate of the USC School of Architecture, Kelly Sutherlin McLeod, FAIA, recently received its Distinguished Alumni Award.

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